Incumbency Period of Principal/Principal-In-Charge 

Sri Kumud Ranjan Banerjee (Principal)  
Sri K P Dutta (Principal)  
Sri P N Bharve (Principal)  
Sri.  Tripurendra Bhowmik (Principal) August 1975 to1995
Smt. Padmini Chakraborty (Principal) 1995 to 29th Dec, 2006
Sri. Dhirendra Debbarma (Principal-in-charge) 30/12/2006 to 5/02/2007
Sri. Rameswar Bhattacharjee (Principal-in-charge) 06/02/2007 to 16/08/2010
Dr. Manika Das (Principal-in-charge) 17/08/2010 to 21/07/2018
Dr. TRIPTI WATWE Principal In Charge 22/07/2018 to till date

From the Principal's Desk

Education is a major instrument for economic and social transformation. In our academic plan it will generate hunger for knowledge, habit to learn, to think, to analyze and to relate to social-activism.

Music is an art, a subject, which is really vital for transforming human mind to sublime self. The music is not only the outward audible sound that makes up very strange uncanny inaudible rhythm within; it also gives the immaculate and mystic bliss.

This institute which was established under the tutelage of Pulin Debbarma and later taken over by the state Government in the year 1964 has passed fifty years in the passage of time propagating the Art and skill in music and musicology with success, sincerity and perfection.