"Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build service, great libraries build communities"

                                                                                                                                  -- Prof R. David Lankes

Sachin Deb Barman Memorial Government Music institute has a dedicated library. It caters to the need for information about the entire department and the related subjects. The library is presently housed on the 1" floor consisting of one Reference Cum Reading room and one Main Library room having 108.38sq. area. The library has more than 17,000 books to support the academic requirements of the Institute.

The library is striving hard to meet the pressing demands of the users by rendering various services both through manual and IT-based systems with the combined efforts of library staff members. We are progressing steadily towards total automation of the library.

Over the years, this library has developed a lot and may claim to be one of the richest higher education libraries in the field of performing arts and culture in the state. It is serving as a crucial resource and learning center of the institution to meet the information needs of its clientele for the growth and overall development of the Institution. The collection and dissemination of data and information and the creation and sharing of knowledge is the axiom of this library

This library suffered a lot due to the continuous change of the permanent campus of Sachin Deb Barman Memorial Government Music College. Until the institution procured its permanent building, it was very tough to maintain the library and its operation. The library has started developing its modern furniture and fixers. The library facilities are heavily used by the students, research scholars from affiliating universities, faculty members, and visiting faculty members of this institution. The library has a provision of the use of the library by outsiders and visitors who intend to consult the library.

The library has E-comer to support students accessing the internet. As the institution has an INFILIBNET subscription, students are able to find e-resources through this E-corner. Being the Library of a Government Institution, the library collections of this institution are national property and as such are subject to special protection. These rules are designed to ensure that all members may obtain the maximum benefits from library facilities. All members should exercise self-discipline, respect, and consideration for others when using the library.